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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Whether it’s a few hours
a week, a few hours a month, or just a few hours a year, South Peel Naturalists’ Club
needs your help. SPNC is a ‘not for profit’ volunteer organization that exists for the
mutual benefit of its members. Currently the administration of the club, and the
provision of its programmes, is being done by a very limited number of people.

We need the generosity of members like YOU to volunteer your time, talents and
skills to keep our club active and healthy.

Volunteer jobs have been documented to help you decide how and where you can
volunteer. These include tasks, time commitment and other useful information.
To open or download any these Word files, click on the item from the list above.
Copies of ‘volunteer job’ descriptions will also be available at Club meetings.

Please speak to any member of the board, or contact SPNC at mail@spnc.ca
for more information. We hope that YOU will step forward to volunteer for
South Peel Naturalists’ Club.

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